Modesto Bankruptcy Law Firm Fights for Clients’ Rights

California lawyer wins debt relief cases
Filing for bankruptcy is an important decision that has significant implications for your life. But when mounting debt begins to feel unmanageable, bankruptcy can provide relief. At Law Offices of Anna R. Evans in Modesto, California, we help you decide whether filing for bankruptcy is the most effective way for you to take control of your debt.

Negotiators of debt relief options
Bankruptcy is not your only option. Our experienced negotiators at Law Offices of Anna R. Evans often work with creditors to develop out-of-court solutions that avoid bankruptcy. Frequently, we can negotiate a smaller debt amount payable in more manageable monthly installments.

Experts in debt analysis
At Law Offices of Anna R. Evans, we assist clients with overwhelming debt. We analyze your case to determine if bankruptcy will advance your immediate and long-term financial goals. We review your debts, income and expenses, and explain the full effects of bankruptcy on your family, business, home ownership and access to credit. If bankruptcy is the right choice, our attorneys provide detailed information about the bankruptcy process and a complete picture of the outcome you should expect. Our upfront approach to bankruptcy gives you confidence in your financial future.

Reprieve through automatic stay
Filing a bankruptcy petition automatically triggers a stay, meaning creditors must immediately stop collections letters and phone calls. At Law Offices of Anna R. Evans, we correspond with your creditors from the moment you file for bankruptcy and act entirely on your behalf.

Your bankruptcy options

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
    For individuals and their spouses who own fewer assets and earn smaller incomes, Chapter 7 bankruptcy grants you relief from debts through liquidation of your assets.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy

         For corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships, Chapter 11 bankruptcy permits your business               to continue operating while you pay creditors under a reorganization plan.

  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy

         An option for families facing foreclosure or whose incomes are higher, Chapter 13 bankruptcy permits              you to pay off debts under a court-ordered installment plan extending three to five years. This option          provides numerous advantages, including the possibility of keeping your home.

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